Agatha Silk

Sensual dominatrix

About me

About me...

My feminine grace and power flourish when I am pampered and spoiled, so treat me well and you will be rewarded.

I was born as a little blond angel, but from an early age I felt that inside me there was a darker and wonderfully wild part.

My manners are an explosive mixture of contradictions. I am sweet and sensual, but at the same time I am wild, mischievous and I have an imposing erotic charge with an eye-catching presence.

I’m intuitive, authentic and unpredictable.

My enchanting and magnetic gaze is combined with exceptional intellect and expansive imagination.

I love the art of teasing – nothing I like more than seeing the excitement in your eyes as you become desperate, helpless and embarrassed.

I study the art of BDSM as a way of healing through a multidisciplinary lens. I’m trauma informed and I have been studying embodiment and sexuality for more than 10 years.

Do not expect to experience with me a “fast food experience”  I love to create unique experiences that leave their mark.

My interests as Dominatrix

My specialty is sensual domination and psychological play. The list of what I like might be extended, but I’m particularly fond of what’s mentioned below.

Tease and denial

A ritual in which my dominant disposition takes over. I will provoke you and take you to the deepest pleasure. When and how I want it.

Impact play

Each instrument has a new feeling, a different intensity. Whip, flogger, paddle, my hand.


I’m going to use ropes, handcuffs and more to force you and hold you.

Fetish and worship

Foot fetish, shoes, body worship, lingerie.

Escape with me

For the chosen few who will be rewarded with my presence, I will be the safest possible place to fulfill the darkest desires and a momentary flight from the pressures of society.

My role is to help you embrace your sexuality and thrive in the pleasure and freedom I give you.

As you surrender to sensations and forget the outside world, I – half angel and half devil will take you to a place of exquisite enjoyment, a place where you can indulge your senses and embrace pleasure.

I will guide you with my body and my silky voice creating a dance. Our bodies will become instruments of power and surrender. I will take you on a journey of sensual discovery.

It will become a challenge to keep your gaze down as my curvy body approaches you and when I give you permission to look at me it will be just as challenging to hold up my magnetic gaze.


Silk experience

2 hrs.
500 euro

Let me know your hidden desires so that I can use them to control and manipulate you, creating an unforgettable experience.

 Each session is carefully crafted to complement our unique chemistry.


OFF Limits

Medical play, scat, switching-subbing, any activity that is directly sexual, illegal, unsafe or non-consensual.

Wish list

A gift, a box of fine chocolate or simply a handwritten card can all be small acts of adoration that have a big impact. I always remember these gestures with fondness and appreciation. Here I’ve provided some links and lists but I also appreciate spontaneity and creativity as well, so have fun with it.

Where you can meet me



Deposit and cancellation terms

A deposit of 100 EUR non-refundable is necessary to confirm our session.

If you need to cancel your appointment, let me know as soon as possible. The new appointment must be within one month of the current appointment.

Create an appointment

If you really want to spoil me organize a date for me and you can be my submissive escort for a classical music concert or a dance gala.

I have the privilege of being very selective about who I accept in my world.

Chemistry is very important in my relationship with my submissive. This means that if you’re not respectful or intentional about your contact with me, you won’t see me. Choose your words wisely and carefully study my interests to see if they align with yours.

Remember to articulate yourself, and give as much information as possible. Failure to address Me by name and poor grammar will not be tolerated.

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Meet me

I appreciate the quality over quantity and I deeply value my time. My tribute reflects all this.